Install Atheros (AR9285) Wireless Network Adapter on Kernel 3.2.2

After upgrade a linux kernel version 3.2.2 on slackware 13.37, My wireless hardware not detected. some steps to try recognize it as follows:

1. Downloading driver

bash-# cd /usr/src
bash-# wget

2. Extracting

bash-# tar -jxf compat-wireless-3.3-rc1-2.tar.bz2

3. Compile & Install

bash-# cd compat-wireless-3.3-rc1-2
bash-# ./scripts/driver-select ath9k
bash-# make
bash-# make install

4. Enabling

unload all network driver

bash-# make unload

module probe

bash-# modprobe ath9k

check wirelles network

bash-# iwconfig

5. Restart

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7 Responses to Install Atheros (AR9285) Wireless Network Adapter on Kernel 3.2.2

  1. tobiweb says:

    hi friends i do all steps without errors BUT when i use the iwconfig it only show the eth0 and lo….. the wlan0 doesnt show. What can I do in this case please your help

  2. S-rebath says:

    Hi, i recently installed latest compat-wireless (3.x) on my 2.6.3* kernel on slackware 13.37 , and iwconfig can’t recogine ar9285 as wireless interface! i had to put my kernel’s drivers back

  3. mikey says:

    Works like a charm!!! Great help. Thanks ^__^

  4. Tarık Dinç says:

    AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter Atheros backtrack5r3 using my computer did not recognize the adapter. could you help what should I do?

  5. dsafa says:

    not work for me

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